2017     PhD Candidature, Department of Arts and Education, School of                               Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University, Geelong
2016     Bachelor of Creative Arts (First Class Honours), Deakin University, Geelong
2013     Bachelor of Design Arts (Visual Arts Major), Academy of Design Australia,                   Melbourne

Public Art Commissions:

2019     $10,000 Geelong Advertiser Archive Installation, Geelong Advertiser and                    Deakin University's  'Public Art Commission', Geelong

Solo Exhibitions:

2019    (April) Analogue Academy, Geelong

2018     The Taxonomy of Ideas, Renew Geelong Concept Space, Geelong

2018     26 take 26 equals zero [PRINT]Analogue Academy, Geelong
2018     26 take 26 equals zero, Noir Darkroom, Coburg

2017     Tooth and Nail, Noir Darkroom, Coburg
2015     Journeys are the midwives of thought, Royal Arcade, Melbourne
2013     The Vanguard Project, Lover's Gallery and Project Space, Melbourne

Select Group Exhibitions:

2019      Blue, Analogue Academy, Geelong 

2018     Testing Place, Project Space, Deakin University

2018     On The Farm, Analogue Academy, Geelong

2018     Feline, Analogue Academy, Geelong

2018     Mutt, Analogue Academy, Geelong

2018     HIVme, Video Projections, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne

2017      Co. / assemble, curate, practice, Courthouse Youth Arts, Geelong

2017      Art and Performance by Research, curated by Professor David Cross, Dr                     Patrick Pound and James Lynch, Sally Walker Project Space, Deakin                          University, Geelong
2016     Transient, Courthouse Youth Arts, Geelong
2016     Honours Exhibition, Sally Walker Project Space, Geelong
2016     Conversation, Montsalvat, Eltham
2016     Construction for Contentment, Monsalvat, Eltham
2016     Identikit, Sally Walker Project Space, Geelong
2016     The Peacock in the Room, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy  
2016     Shoot V2, MAC Preston
2015      Melbourne Arts Club Christmas Exhibition, MAC, Preston
2015     Visual Communication, Allpress Studio, Collingwood
2015     CBWords Expo Australia in Colombia, Corporacion Universitaria Unitec                       Bogotá,
2014     Curio, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy
2014     DRAW, Melbourne Arts Club, Fawn Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2014     Foemina, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2013     Graduate Exhibition, Clement Meadmore Gallery, Port Melbourne
2013     Communication Beyond Words, Clement Meadmore Gallery, Port Melbourne
2013     NOW 14, Lover’s Gallery and Project Space, Fitzroy

Curated Exhibitions:

2019    Mama, Laura Alice, CHYA Gallery 

2019    Fractal Petals, Ayrlie Lane, CHYA Gallery 

2019    Focus, Samantha Gregory, CHYA Gallery 

2019    Stop Saying Sorry, Vanessa Conte, CHYA Gallery

2018    Building Momentum, Rhianna Chillingworth, Rachel Holland, Katie Gray,                    Caitlin Horrocks, Teagan Crouch, Carmen Deanne, Sophia D’Urso                              Portarlington Mill

2018    Confess, Rhianna Chillingworth, Rachel Holland, Katie Gray Caitlin Horrocks,              Teagan Crouch, Carmen Deanne, Sophia D'Urso, LCI Gallery Melbourne

2018    Cutie Patooties, Tegan Iversen, Pey Chi, Claire Cummings and Grace Taylor,                CHYA Gallery  

2018    Common People, Louise Devery, CHYA Gallery  

2018    The Thrill of the Chase, Annabelle Mannings, CHYA Gallery  

2018    You Are All The Colours, Gabrielle Barnes, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Toys in my Dreams, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Human., Pascalle Bailey, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Reimagining Hokusai, Darcy Whitworth, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Antiquity, Ilaria Yakimov and James Paterson, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Solo show, James Hodder, CHYA Gallery  

2018    The Alien Leaves, Fila Losi, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Eardrummi, Geelong After Dark, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, Eli Bik and                         FinalFinal, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Harvest, Dean de Landre, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Finding My Feet, Miranda Jarvis, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Colour Therapy, Abbey Dempster, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Namaste, Leiko Manalang, CHYA Gallery  

2018    Sex, Love, Cock N’ Soul, Samantha Taylor, CHYA Gallery  

2018    I Hope You’re Having Trouble Sleeping, Frances Cannon, CHYA Gallery  

2017    G’DAY landscapes, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, CHYA Gallery  

2017    CO. assemble. curate. practice., Miranda Jarvis, Amber Smith, Pascalle Bailey,              Sarah Lewer, Myles Cody and Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, CHYA Gallery  

2017    Haze, Jess Walters, CHYA Gallery  

2017    Okay., Eleanor Orchard, CHYA Gallery  

2017    Worship, Georgia Naughton, CHYA Gallery  

2017    Collaborative in Nature, Scott Mclatchie, CHYA Gallery  

2017    I Wish, Michelle Clarke, CHYA Gallery  

2017    Light Conversations, Geelong After Dark, CHYA Gallery

2017    Biotic, Petra Nicel and Louise Meuwissen, CHYA Gallery  

2017    Stranger Angels, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, CHYA Gallery  

2016    Solo exhibition, Matilda Purcell, CHYA Gallery  

2016    Transient: A Group Exhibition, Scott Mclatchie, Eleanor Orchard, Petra Nicel                 and Amber Smith, CHYA Gallery  

2016    Nubivagant, Jessica Costa, CHYA Gallery  

2016    Spaces, Miranda Jarvis and Lydia Semjay, CHYA Gallery  

2016    Thread, Jemma Cakebread, CHYA Gallery  

2016    Laneway Jam, Geelong After Dark, CHYA Gallery

2016    JOLT a group exhibition, CHYA Gallery  

2016    The F Word: Feminism, Amy Carrig and Melanie Whyte, CHYA Gallery  

2016    12 Lonely Men, Andy Walker, CHYA Gallery  


2019     Visual Arts Teacher, Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company, Melbourne 
2018     Workshop Producer and Facilitator, City of Greater Geelong Council

2019     Visual Arts Curator and Creative Programmer, CHYA 

2018     Tertiary studies Lecturer at LCI Academy Melbourne (Arts Management and                Curation, International Contemporary Art)

2018     Visual Arts Curator and Creative Programmer, CHYA

2017     Visual Arts Curator and Creative Programmer, CHYA
2016     Visual Arts Curator, Courthouse Youth Arts
2016     Deakin University Visual Arts Workshop Facilitator and Deakin Ambassador

2013     (Onwards) Ongoing Corporate, Community and Private Commissions


Professional Development:

2018    Judge for the Who’s Who Portrait Prize, Geelong Gallery

2018    LCI Guest Curator and numerous Artist talks

2018    Deakin University guest academic for undergraduate critiques

2018    Designer and writer for Voicebox Productions; a collaboration between CHYA             and Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company

2018    Delegate selected for ArtsFrontU30 Symposium in Newcastle (Sept 26, 27, 28)

2018    Sydney Biennale and Dark Mofo Festival PD trips

2017    Mentor for a Visual Arts intern at CHYA
2017    Curatorial mentorship with Lisa Sullivan, Geelong Gallery
2014    Learning to Leave, curated by Jonathan Nichols, Margaret Lawrence Gallery,               Victorian College of the Arts

2014    (ongoing) mentorship from Michelle Mantsio, Visual Artist and Academic


2019     CHYA Artist-Run-Inititative
2018     Good Excuse Guild, Geelong

2018     Moonset Collective, Geelong

2018     Voicebox, Courthouse Youth Arts, Geelong

2017     Voicebox, Courthouse Youth Arts, Geelong

2016     Voicebox, Courthouse Youth Arts, Geelong
2016     Creative Collective, Courthouse Youth Arts, Geelong
2013     The Vanguard Project, Melbourne, Australia
2013     NOW 14 Collective, Australian Academy of Design,

           Port Melbourne
2013     The Modern Savage, Australian Academy of Design,

           Port Melbourne
2011     OBCollective, Australian Academy of Design, Port Melbourne

2018     Eardrummi, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog

2017     Art and Performance by Research, Deakin University 

2014     Unveiling Contemporaries, emerging artist blog, Melbourne
2014     Design work published in ADA student diary
2013     The Vanguard Project, Bi-Monthly Publication, Melbourne
2011     Bad Apples, Independent Publication, Melbourne
2011     OBZine, Independent Publication, Port Melbourne


2013    Director’s awards of High Distinctions at Australian Academy of Design

2013    President’s Award for Excellence (DUX) at Australian Academy of Design

2016    First Class Honours at Deakin University

All images by Leiko Manalang and © Amber Smith