Amber Smith is an emerging artist, curator, producer and writer working within the sphere of objects, thing theory and collection practices. They are interested in how these operate as a counter-practice to - or a complimentary practice of - digital and new media streams, along with how these can act as repositories for memories or embodied trauma.

Amber Smith's practice manifests in the physical - through assemblage, abstract workings of objects, archive systems, unique and abstract typological arrangements, performative actions and installations,  and the written - through collecting, compiling and assembling words. This writing component acts as a bolster and parallel; the notion of non-linear, adjacent and lateral narratives are perpetuated in much the same manner as the physical practice manifests. Meaning, association and the conceptual ideas which tether the importance of objects to individuals, communities and societies is maintained through this written and spoken word. 

Amber Smith is a current PhD candidate at Deakin University in the School of Communication and Creative Arts. They hold a Bachelor of Design Arts (Visual Arts) from the Australian Academy of Design and a First-Class Honours Degree in Creative Arts at Deakin University. Amber is the Curator at Platform Arts and an arts lecturer at LCI Melbourne.

All images by Leiko Manalang, Petra Nicel or Amber Smith and © Amber Smith