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Social Envelopes and Umbilical Blemishes (2020-21) 

'Social Envelopes and Umbilical Blemishes' is Amber Smith's first self-published work, presenting a collection of poetry and film photography created by the artist over the last 2 years. This publication has been lovingly made from start to finish by Amber Smith and features their trademark style. It has been printed locally in Geelong by Print Design Australia. It has a thick matte red orange cover with a light pink gloss blackletter font. The 120 inside pages are printed in full colour. It measures 20.5 x 14.5 x 1 cm and when closed is an A5 size. Inside you can find 42 poems and 57 images, organised into 3 parts. 

The focus of this publication was to document the transitional period known as Saturn Return, something that the completion of this book marks the end of.  This publication also accompanies Amber Smith's upcoming presentation of work, 'Constellations', which looks to associative and diagrammatical networks of information and meaning-making. 

Buy it here.

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